China says tit-for-tat tariffs will ‘destroy’ US-China trade
SBI shares down 1.5% after CBI registers 3 cases of banking fraud post Rs 136-crore loss
IT stocks rally smartly as rupee hits 19-month low of 68.53 to the dollar

About us

Mudra Control Solutions provides cutting edge Equity and Commodity Research. India’s financial market professionals are realising greater returns on the back of Mudra Control’s market insights. That is why we are one of the fastest growing Equity and Commodity Research firms in India

Our Experienced Research Partners focus exclusively in markets where we can provide strategic and multi-process insights. In doing so our clients have built their customer bases and increased their wealth. We are grateful to work with a very diverse set of customers that include span Retail Investors, HNIs, Corporate Houses, Brokerage Firms, FIIs, DIIs, Private Equity firms and Hedge Funds.

Research team:

Our research team is comprised of CFAs, MBAs, Business Analysts and other financial markets experts. They have a deep understanding of equity market, economics, capital markets, market trends and company valuations. Their in-depth and technical research ensures clients can fulfil their financial goals. Our team stay ahead of every market movement by focusing on real-time data, news and analytics.


Our growth is tied to the growth and success of our clients. We will expand our clients’ hard-earned capital by providing market-leading services and innovative ideas. We will build long-term and transparent relationships with clients through high quality and trustworthy advice. We will be a valuable resource to the global investment and business community.


‘Making you wealthier than you know?’ is the motto and the mission of Mudra Control. We will achieve this by providing solutions and guidance to our investors and traders to maximize their market returns and achieve their financial goals.

Smart Tips:

  • Market timing – to be a successful trader, timing is the most critical facet of investment you must master.
  • Don’t overtrade.
  • Don’t put your all money in one sector.
  • Don’t make averages by buying shares when price decrease than your last purchase. [I DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS ONE!!!!].
  • Check out rates regularly and sell it as it reaches your targets.
  • Don’t trade too much stock at the same time.
  • Keep an eye on fluctuations to learn when the share or commodity has entered a new price band.
  • Keep yourself updated on international market moves.